ERP, BI and CRM implementation and consulting


Services offered

  • Analysis of company position and choice of ERP/CRM/BI solution
  • Project management for implementation of ERP/CRM/BI solutions
  • Choice and negotiations with suppliers
  • Consulting in the process of implementation of ERP/CRM/BI solutions
  • Training for using the system
  • Support of the system after start

Problems in the implementation of business IT solutions

The implementation of ERP, CRM and BI systems is a long and difficult process. It also requires a serious amount of resources from the company - both as money and time of employees. For the successful implementation of a system it is necessary that many task be completed and often failure in just one of them leads to failure of the whole project.

Often the companies, which implement business IT systems do not have a clear view of what they are facing, what the risk of the project are and what are the hidden obstacles, lying on the way. Often they do not have an objective enough base for comparison of solutions, as well as what they need to be looking for in the supplier of the service.

The management of business IT projects is a complex task and the choice of Project Manager is key for its success. Usually in an implementation people comment mostly what the solution is, but in many respects the more important questions are how the project is managed and how the supplier does its job - because in the end ERP, CRM and BI systems are in many ways just a functional form, in which the company employees, together with the Project Manager and the supplier of the service should fill in with real processes. Even the best solution would not work well if it is implemented badly - and vice versa.

Almost always new business IT projects require new or upgraded infrastructure. This could include servers, networking, Internet connectivity, storage, systems for archiving and protection, etc. The valuation of this, as well as all other factors, should be included in the process of decision making, because they usually cast a serious effect on the way the system works. The existence of a complete, common view over the needs of the project is key for its success.


Why choose RINAMAR to consult or manage your business IT projects

1. We have real experience with a large number of business IT project and can give you a real and objective estimation of how the solution should be implemented, what you can expect during the implementation phase and what is the optimal way of developing you business IT systems.

2. We have experience with the execution of various business IT projects in all its phases - complete analysis of the situation, analysis of the business processes, choice of class of solutions, contact with suppliers, analysis and improvement of the offers, choice of supplier and solution, optimization of contract conditions, internal organization for project start, implementation of a project in all its parts (analysis, development, test, acceptance, start), integration with external systems, support of the system over its entire lifecycle.

3. We can help you implement the project as a whole or in solving a specific problem in any of the phases of work.

4. By using high quality external service instead of internal team, you guarantee the best quality of work on one side, and optimization of project costs on the other, without having to hire people only for the duration of the project, for which you are not certain how good they are and whose time you cannot optimize after the project is done.

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