IT Management


Services offered

  • Planning, construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • Consulting in the optimization IT infrastructure
  • Outsourcing of IT services
  • Training

The IT infrastructure of the company today

The complexity of IT solutions includes the increased use of key and efficient business IT solutions, bringing real value, but also requiring significant investments in a reliable IT infrastructure, which should be adequate to the needs of the company.

Solutions like CRM/ERP/BI systems, mobile sales, distance working, e-commerce for B2B and B2C, Data Warehouse systems, etc. usually require complex IT infrastructure as servers, storage systems, LAN and WAN/Internet connectivity, operating systems, running services, etc.

Security and reliability of the systems is becoming an ever more important factor. Bad security may lead to significant negative effects in case of illicit behaviour. Low reliability of systems and procedures, lack of methodology and means to support and restore systems in case of failure can lead to heavy consequences on the operations of the organization. The optimal management of these tow factors is key for the trouble-free working of business on operational and sometimes on strategic level.


How RINAMAR can help you

1. We have practical experience with planing, implementing and supporting of IT infrastructure on all levels - network connectivity, Internet connectivity, servers, storages, operating systems, archiving systems, services on servers, web solutions, etc.

2. We can manage your infrastructure even if you have an internal IT team, applying the best IT practices and giving direction for development of your business IT infrastructure.

3. We can consult you in the execution of specific IT projects - analyzing IT infrastructure, suggesting optimizations, consulting the choice of solution, assisting in achieving optimal contract solutions, helping the execution and management of IT projects, etc.

4. We can help you optimize your IT infrastructure, the team in it, the work procedures, external services and overall - the functioning of the IT team.

5. We can help you connect your business goals with IT, so that the IT infrastructure is aligned to achieving better business results, rather than just supporting the systems.

6. We can train your team on business IT skills, needed for the modern IT manager

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