Project Management


Services offered

  • Project Management of business software projects
  • Project Management for the implementation of ERP, CRM and BI systems
  • Consulting on every stage of the management of business IT projects and implementation of systems
  • Analysis and optimization of management of business IT projects

Problems in the project management

The implementation of ERP, CRM, BI and other business systems is a complex process, taking up a serious amount of resources and time for the company, and having a strategic importance for its development. That is why such important projects should best be managed carefully and with high level of knowledge and expertise.

With IT projects the situation is similar - today's IT systems are rarely implemented for the IT's sake, usually the choice of solution follows a business decision. Making the right business case and decision, and implementing the correct IT infrastructure after that is a difficult task, which also needs high level management. Often the skills of the team do not cover enough Project Management, which can make the task of successful project completion very difficult.

The current trend in business is for constant increase of use of technology in any aspect of work, which increases the use of IT and increases the importance of IT projects in general. Their good execution is vital for the company development.

Management of such projects requires not only knowledge and skills, it requires experience. Real life experience with such projects is very important for their successful and efficient completion. Bad Project Management is a leading cause of failure of key projects, which today happens to between 50% and 75% of all business IT projects.


Why choose RINAMAR to manage your projects

1. We have real experience and excellent track record with Project Management of real business IT projects. We know what should be done for a project to be successful and we have shown that in our work. If you have an IT or ERP/CRM/BI system implementation project, we can help you make it successfully.

2. We can either manage the project for you as an outsourced service or consult you team in the process of Project Management. We have flexible offerings which can fit various scenarios, in any case we can find a formula that suits your project best, so that you have the highest quality possible work easily available to your needs.

3. Managing resources is often easier and more effective with an outsourced service, especially with a lower duration projects. It is difficult to secure high quality management for a six month project, and resource use is inflexible with adding people - before the project has started and when the project is done there is still a need for Project Management, but having a good person do this internally is prohibitively high a cost.

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